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The Music Studio of Christian Moreno


"Christian taught piano to my novice 7 year old daughter ... I cannot recommend him enough. His approach was so warm, friendly and encouraging. It was great to hear his encouragement from the other room...I feel any student would flourish under his teaching.
-Vickie W, parent 

"I would never have made it through my piano classes without him. A great tutor who went at my own pace. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve upon their current skill set!"
-Jake S, student

Christian is our favorite teacher to ever work with our children. He is creative, patient and very positive which is what I believe all students need in their life. I highly recommend Chicago Percussion and Piano!"
-Jenny K, parent

"The teacher has great attention to detail when analyzing your playing...wholesome atmosphere and tons of new stuff to learn. Challenging and fun. Highly recommended!"
-Maurice A, student

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I teach:

  • Drumset 

  • Orchestral Percussion

  • Piano

  • Music Theory​​

Location and Hours:

  • by appointment only (Monday-Wednesday 1-7pm) 

  • Chicago (travel, in-studio or online)


  • $40 for 30 mins

  • $60 for 45 mins

  • $80 for 60 mins 



Studio Policies (downloadable)

Whether you are a first time student or an experienced performer looking for guidance, I strive to teach the music you want to learn, while fostering a fun and safe environment to explore sound and self expression!


I pride myself in having harnessed the tools and knowledge from years of private study, teaching  and performance experience to aid in your journey to achieve a higher level of mastery. All my students will learn to read sheet music, transcribe/notate what they hear from recordings and study the historical context and vocabulary of the style they choose to explore.


 I provide detailed lesson notes after each session which are shared with the student via the phone app, Notes. 

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